Who am I?

I’m Nicolò, a husband, software developer, vegetable grower, part time archer and vintage lens collector.

I spent a good chunk of my professional life by running a cinema post production firm up until 2018, where I had to deal on a daily basis with Digital Cinema Packages, Linux machines and a decent number of bash glue scripts to make things easier.

After that I re-embarked on the IT side by switching to a System Administrator role at an italian Email Service Provider, where I learnt about SQL and sharded NoSQL database management and I picked up Ansible because I was too lazy to upgrade some 150 VMs to the new CentOS (RIP) version by hand.

Sysadmin by day, learner by night, I tried to get up to speed with the web development world of 2018: a world that I left when jQuery and Bootstrap were on the rise. After a quick foray in Javascript land (it was so shiny!) with Vue and Nuxt, I decided to lean more towards a more boring ecosystem, such as Ruby and Rails.

This is how I landed where I am now: working for an awesome company that values contributing to open source (official maintainers of Solidus), has a distributed workforce with an async-first work methodology and places employee well being very high on the priority list.